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Happy Children


A Masterclass On How To Improve Your Teaching Skills

To Help Your Child Be A Better Reader!

Become Your Child's Reading Coach

What to expect:


Text "diy" to +1 (916) 378-7298 to secure your spot!

Presented by Asia Mapp,
CEO at ExcelChoice Education

For as long as she can remember, Asia was always tutoring her classmates in school! If she knew how, Asia could teach them. So much for wanting to be a lawyer, she was on her way to making an impact in the classroom! The Transformational Reading Coach, Asia Mapp, brings her passion for teaching reading and connecting with parents to you in an interactive and educational class. Grounded in her 6-year teaching background, Asia is eager to transform the way you interact and teach your child!

Get Ready!
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Each Parent Will Recieve:

  •   5 Children's Books

  •   Reading Log

  •   Sight Words

  •   Reading Assessment




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